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Your mind operates on the famous computing principle of GIGO – garbage in, garbage out. If you do ill, speak ill and think ill, the residue is going to leave you sick. If you do well, speak well and think well, the outcome is going to be well.

OM SWAMI, A Million Thoughts

The Mind

Understanding how our amazing mind works will prove most helpful in our journey to bring about emotional wellness. Our mind has seemingly unlimited storage capacity and an amazing ability to sort through a huge library of stored information, which we use to define the various inputs we receive from our environment. 

Our minds, as amazing as they are, have the inability to differentiate between good and bad, or right from wrong. Our thoughts and emotions which give us the ability to think, decipher, and make judgments are how we determine right from wrong or good from bad. This process is what makes up our personality, our individuality, our values, and ultimately who we are.  

Our minds are programmed and can be reprogrammed by the thoughts that are fed into it. We can change our definition of right from wrong or our values of good or bad by changing our thoughts and our emotions. We can let go of old negative debilitating thoughts and emotions and replace them with new positive progress thoughts and emotions.  

We humans are truly amazing creatures. We can change our core programing and free ourselves from depression and anxiety and bring joy and happiness into our experience of life.